Re: [Evolution] Filters not working

Marcus Senna Borges de Barros wrote:
Thanks, Patrick, but the problem happens exactly with new messages. And
it used to work perfectly with Ubuntu 7.04.

I forgot to mention that I'm using Evo with an Exchange Server. I
thought there was something related to my home folder and rights, but
I've already checked it. How can I enable some kind of debug, to get
more information about the processing of messages and filters?

I routinely log filter activity (which is why I know my junk filtering
isn't working -- it isn't even being called). The trick is from Jeffrey
Steadfast nearly two years ago (search the list archives if want the URL):

All the code necessary for logging filter activity is there, just that
there is no UI to enable it (and specify the log file to dump to). You
might be able to manually enable it using gconf-editor or something.

the keys are:

/apps/evolution/mail/filters/log = { true | false }
/apps/evolution/mail/filters/logfile = "/path/to/logfile"

I can verify that this works and has proved extremely useful. Just go
into gconf-editor and set it up. It still isn't available through the UI
though, which is absurd.

I'll probably add it to the FAQ.


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