Re: [Evolution] Exchange updates propagation to Evolution behind NAT

On 3/14/07, Peter Van Lone <petervl gmail com> wrote:
On 3/14/07, José Oliver Segura <primijos gmail com> wrote:
> After googling and googling, I've not found nothing about this, but
> I'm not sure why (as long as it seems) I'm the only one having this
> problem (or, at least, the only one that sends e-mails to the list)

you are not the only one. I have the same issue. If our schedulers add
something to my calendar, I cannot see it unless I shut down and
restart evo -- or open OWA


      grrrr grrrrrr... so, I assume Outlook is able to handle updates
from server even with NAT (does it poll the server periodically?)

      Does anybody know if are there any chances to make it work if I
ask my network guys to configure our firewall/NAT settings to route to
my internal IP all requests coming from our Exchange server at a given
port(s) (which ones, anybody knows?) (currently I'm the only linux guy
in all the company) or maybe it will broke all the Outlook(s)? :-)


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