[Evolution] Exchange updates propagation to Evolution behind NAT

Hi all,

I'm having some problems to make Evolution Calendar work with M$
Exchange. I'm able to create and update events in Evolution and they
are propagated to Exchange without problem. The problem is that, if I
modify or add some event by means of the web interface of Exchange,
this changes or new events don't get propagated to Evolution, I must
shutdown and restart it in order to get the changes synchronized.

After googling and googling, I've not found nothing about this, but
I'm not sure why (as long as it seems) I'm the only one having this
problem (or, at least, the only one that sends e-mails to the list)

Also, I must point out that there are a lot of Outlook users in my
same network (so, also behind NAT) that work without major problems
against Exchange (but, who knows, maybe Exchange/Outlook combination
is able to bypass NAT problems, if they exist)

Any help/hint will be wellcome!


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