[Evolution] synchronizing evolution-data on different computers (desktop - laptop)


I am new to this list and forgive me, if my question is already answered

I am in the middle of a conversion from a windows- to a
Linux-environment. However, I have to use a company-laptop with a
win2k-environment for the unforeseeable future when travelling, which is
quite often.

I wanted to use evolution on both sides; the win-version on the laptop
and the linux-version on my desktop, with a synchronized data-set. Is
there any Howto out how to achieve this?

I synchronize a windows-partition on the desktop called 'Myfiles' with
the respecting directories on the laptop in order to keep the (still
existing) windows-environment up-to-date.

I see, that evolution stores everything in the local
~/.evolution-hierarchy. Is there any way to move that to a different
location; e.g. in the synchronized area (in my case the
partition /windows/myfiles)?



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