Re: [Evolution] CalDAV - any successes out there

Pete Biggs wrote:
Something that can be made to work with the Exchange instead of going through the Outlook Web Access which basically makes working with Exchange a total PITA. This is a productivity killer.

I know nothing about Exchange, but I was under the impression that the only
way a non-Windows client can get access to Exchange was via OWA.  There
is nothing that Evo can do about that - it's because MS doesn't publish the
interface "standard". After all, that was why Brutus was created - but then
people grouch that it has to run on a windows box!

I know that but they don't publish the document standard for Word documents and OpenOffice has done a pretty good job of reverse engineering that. On this note I see that the Openchange has what they say is a working MAPI library available. This could be good news for both Linux and Evolution.

As for Brutus, it may be time to look at porting to Linux using some type of wrapping similar to what mplayer can do. But if the Openchange MAPI does work, this will fix many of the issues.

This has totally turned most of the Linux users here off Evolution.

It seems the wrong way - why should it put Linux users off Evolution - I would
have though it would have put the Evolution users off Exchange!  What do
they use instead of Evo to talk to Exchange?

I will give you this one but we never had to use Exchange until November. I personally hated Outlook and the Outlook UI when I first tried it years ago. Now I am trying it again in Evolution. Most of the Linux and Windows users that I have talked to don't like the Outlook UI or the cloning of it in Evolution. As well as the slow, slow, slow, slow access to mail for the OWA. There are also other features that are missing from Evolution that make it problematic. But that is not part of this conversation.

I also guess that part of the issue is people are forced to Evolution from their preferred mail clients that it is taking the brunt of the blame. Again, the issue is Microsoft, Evolution connector, Exchange and the policy put in place by management.

Also, why don't you grouch at the Exchange developers about their lack of
interoperability with other MUAs?

Actually Exchange if configured correctly isn't that big of a problem for other MUAs, the issue is what is allowed. Our problem isn't the Exchange developers on this one but the Corp heads that won't allow pop or imap access to Exchange. Again, this is probably a reason why Evolution gets the blame over Exchange. Evolution is touted as an Outlook replacement in some circles. In our case, it is the only option. Blame the interface, not the back end.

I find that the Evolution UI is to much like Outlooks which I don't like. There are problems that I have found that affect my productivity and how I work. I find it easier and faster to export my mail to Thunderbird and use it. Just the method of moving someone from To: to Cc: is problematic in Evolution.

But this is the Linux way of life. Find the best tools for the job but due to Corporate decisions, we are very limited.


As my signature file states, I don't rely on mail anymore. If it is important, phone. Due to the slowness, I am lucky if I read my mail twice a week now.

I was under the impression that I was running an older version as I keep hearing about a newer version. I see that our version number is actually above the Evolution latest stable download. I guess it would be worth submitting what I think are bugs.

FWIW, the first week I used Evolution, I was accused of bringing down the OWA server. But this is a UI issue that I will have to submit a bug report on.

Due to the move to M$ Exchange Server,
   anything that is a priority, please phone.
Robin Laing

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