Re: [Evolution] synchronizing evolution-data on different computers (desktop - laptop)

On Thu, 2007-03-08 at 19:09 +0100, Thomas Mildenberger wrote:
I am new to this list and forgive me, if my question is already answered

I am in the middle of a conversion from a windows- to a
Linux-environment. However, I have to use a company-laptop with a
win2k-environment for the unforeseeable future when travelling, which is
quite often.

I wanted to use evolution on both sides; the win-version on the laptop
and the linux-version on my desktop, with a synchronized data-set. Is
there any Howto out how to achieve this?

The best option I've found is IMAP for mail, and SyncEvolution with a
ScheduleWorld account for contacts, appointments, and tasks.

I synchronize a windows-partition on the desktop called 'Myfiles' with
the respecting directories on the laptop in order to keep the (still
existing) windows-environment up-to-date.

I see, that evolution stores everything in the local
~/.evolution-hierarchy. Is there any way to move that to a different
location; e.g. in the synchronized area (in my case the
partition /windows/myfiles)?

Not easily; when you're logged in to Gnome, evolution-data-server is
running, providing services to other tasks (such as the calendar viewer
connected to teh clock), and does *not* monitor the ~/.evolution
directory for changes.  Further, many of the files are binary (BDB,
frequently) files --- file-level synchronization would be painful at
best.  You'd have to synchronize when you aren't logged in to the Gnome
desktop, and have no Evolution stuff running on the Windows install, and
in many cases can't have made modifications on both sides (e.g., the
entire address book is one binary file; even adding a different contact
in each Evo instance wouldn't be synchronizable).

- Michael

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