Re: [Evolution] How to export KMail folders & filters?

Hi Urtzi,

sorry for the delay.

Urtzi Jauregi wrote (26.2.2007):
 Hi everybody!

        I want to export my mail (several thousand messages in a
quite complex folder
hierarchy) and filters from KMail to Evolution.

I suppose You have POP-accounts...??

You could try the following: 
1) first copy (DON'T MOVE) the whole folder tree from ~/Mail into 
2) In the directory tree starting in ~/.evolution/mail/local, do the 
   - remove all _but_ mbox-files (*.index, *.ids etc.)
   - Rename all _directories_ with the name '' 
to 'blabla.sbd'
   - PLEASE NOTE: KMail uses only lowercases in the file names. 
Therefore, You MUST - in ~/.evolution/mail/local - rename both the 
mboxes and the .sbd-directories of the "standard" mail folders (inbox, 
outbox, drafts and sent) to start with an uppercase. Ontherwise Evo 
would not recognise the folders.
3) Start Evo. It should now generate the missing files for You and 
everything should work.
4) When everything seems to work, You can decide what to do with Your 
~/Mail directory :)

Hope this helps & kind regards

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