Re: [Evolution] Change local personal folders

the home directory is on local. What I want is ONLY evolution personal folders to be on a server, not the 
whole home directory, because of enterprise policies.
What I have done is mounting the server directory as a local device following the instructions of this thread 
on Ubuntuforums:
and I have made a link as follows:
ln -s /mnt/network_mounted_dir .evolution
I have previously deleted the .evolution folder on the user's home.

The link seems to work because I can succesfully create folders with evolution and these are created on the 
But when I try to move any mail to those folders I always get the error on the screenshot attached.
May it be a permissions problem? 

Thank you.

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On Tue, 2007-02-20 at 09:38 +0100, Francisco Martínez wrote:
I'm using Evolution as an Exchange Email Client. I need the users local
Personal Folders to be not actually local, but to be on a server. It's a
different server than the Exchange Server, it's a storage server with a
huge amount of HD. 
I have not found any way of changing the path of the user folders, and
this is an important point on my enterprise. Is it posible? If so, how?

Is the user's home directory on a file server?  If so, then the evo
local directories will be as well.  If evo is the only application that
you want to have the local folders on a server (why?) then at the very
least you need to link $HOME/.evolution to a folder on the server.  But
there are some issues you should be aware of:  first the setup of the
accounts is not held in those directories, but in gconf, so that
information will still be local; second you will have to check that the
locking paradigm used be evo is network aware - I don't know if it is,
someone who is more knowledgeable about the code will have to tell you


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