Re: [Evolution] Need focus on Exchange (was Re: CalDAV - any successes out there)

On Tue, 2007-03-06 at 22:51 -0700, P Chenthill wrote:

You can do the following to fix the problem. Get the patch for timezone
update from You can
apply the patch in you install area where the timezone information for
evolution-data-server is present. You can find the location of zoneinfo
$ rpm -ql evolution-data-server |grep zoneinfo
It would be under /opt/gnome/share/evolution-data-server-1.8/

(I actually found it in /usr/share/evolution-data-server-1.8 in FC6, I'm
sure it varies by distro)

Go to that directory and apply the patch
$ cd /opt/gnome/share/evolution-data-server-1.8/
$ patch -p0 <~/timezone_update.diff
Check if its applied properly. 
Do a evolution force shutdown
$ evolution-2.8 --force-shutdown

Things should start working fine with appointments.

thanks, Chenthill.

Thank you so much, the fix is working so far.  I'm going to link to it
in the Fedora Bugzilla and hopefully they'll roll the patch into the
next update.

-- Per

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