Re: [Evolution] [Fwd: Re: Evolution-Connector W/ Exchange 2007]

I was able to build Evo from current SVN head on my Ubuntu 7.04 based on
the help provided by Reid and some different websites.  It works well;
it might possibly be a bit more stable.

However, I still see most of the same bugs I saw before:

      * Slow delete the first time Evo deletes a mail in an Exchange
      * In one of my instances Exchange mail is new but isn't in the
      * In another instance deleting the last mail doesn't automatically
        select the second-to-last one (causing the summary to scroll
        back to the beginning of the buffer).
      * Passwords for POP accounts aren't stored and have to be retyped
        whenever Evo restarts (unlike Exchange passwords, which ARE

I also see a few new issues:

      * I was using Bayesian spam filtering via the plugin (I have
        spamassasin disabled) but that's not working anymore.
      * When I use Send/Receive the dialog that pops up is too short to
        hold my 4 accounts (2 POP, one Exchange, and sendmail) without
        scrolling or resizing by hand, which is annoying (in 2.10 and
        previous this wasn't a problem).

It seems like there was something else but now I've forgotten it.

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