Re: [Evolution] plugin remove duplicated mail not visible

On Mon, 2007-06-25 at 15:45 +0200, J.L. Blom wrote:
I have the plugin "remove duplicated mails" in my plugin Manager.
However, I cannot find anywhere how to activate it: no item is found in
any drop-down menu.
I have an old (but very stable) version (2.6.3) (and it functions
correctly so why change a winning horse and get the hassle to have all
old mail transferred for free).
I get however regularly duplicate mail especially from maillists and
would like to remove them automatically.
Has anybody a solution (short of upgrading)?.

Is there any meesage in ~/.xsession-errors ?

Select all mails in a folder using Ctrl+A , and right click. Select
remove duplicate mails.

Alternatively, i use balsa to remove duplicate mails as
remove-dupplicate plugin/evolution sucks up all memory on system for
huge folders.


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