[Evolution] reinstalling XP and saving Linux info and mail

Hi the List,

My problem: Saving my documents and particularly Evolution folders in a flash USB mem after loosing my GRUB Dual Boot when I format C: and reinstall Windows XP.

I'm running 2 systems on my machine: DD1 is XP operated and DD2 is SuseLinux 10.0, platform is Gnome and mail server is Evolution 2.4.0. Well, I would love to drop XP down but I still have difficulties running videos with realplayer, my webcam, Iomega and other peripherals on my Linux due to lack of expertise and time to set them up.

I need to format C: and, after reinstalling XP, I need reinstall GRUB Dual Boot. I don't feel confident enough in reinstalling GRUB though I printed the necessary instructions to do it with SuseLinux DVD. Anyway, saving (not backuping) my documents and Evolution in an external support looks to me, a non-expert-linux-user the safer way to do it.

Can you help with this?
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