Re: [Evolution] spam filtering

On Sun, 2007-07-22 at 11:08 -0400, Andrew Montalenti wrote:
Hi Daniel,

On Fri, 2007-07-20 at 13:02 -0400, Daniel Gryniewicz wrote:
Bogofilter, in my experience.  It's not even close.  After training, my
spamassassin never got better than 90% catch rate, which is still some
hundred spams a day for me.  Bogofilter is 99.9% at least, probably
better.  False positive rate is better too.

  I was ready to switch to Bogofilter unitl I upgraded to 3.2.  I would 
  have to mark so many emails as spam in previous versions, but now I 
  get damn near zero spam in my inbox.  If anything it is a little 2 
  aggressive, but I'd rather have that than  having it only catch half
  of the spam.

That's interesting... I'm wondering, is there a way to migrate your
SpamAssassin tokens database (the stuff stored in .spamassassin/*) to
bogofilter?  And, does anyone know what accounts, specifically, for its
better accuracy over SA?


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