Re: [Evolution] Sometimes evolution refuses to start...why?

Sometimes I see this happen when I'm working over slower connections,
such as VPN to the office from home.  And "slow" is relative.  My VPN
connection gets me somewhere around 1-2 MB of bandwidth, on a 3 MB pipe.
It looks like Evo is not starting, but it eventually (after a minute or
two) comes up.  I'm also assuming you're using Exchange (as I am).  

Can you ps for the process?  I will see the process chugging, but no
window for a minute or so.  Once mine comes up, all seems pretty normal.
Does anyone have a proper explanation?

On Sat, 2007-01-27 at 16:34 +1100, Alasdair McAndrew wrote:
I have a small, and seemingly random problem with evolution.
Sometimes I have to quit and restart (such as when it refuses to
display any messages), and sometimes then it just won't restart.  I've
tried "evolution --force-shutdown" to shut it all down, but I still
can't start it.  Now I know I will be able to solve this with a
reboot, but surely there's a less drastic method?  What is it that's
likely to be stopping evolution from starting, and how can I get round

Oh, the version is: "Gnome evolution-2.2 2.2.1" under Suse 9.3.

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