Re: [Evolution] Connecting to AT&T email

Hi Dick,
What version of Evolution are you using?  

On version 2.6 and 2.8 of Evolution I can just go into Edit/Preferences/MailAccounts and edit the offending 

About AT&T, I cannot comment on the specifics. Most likely on their website they will have info. Perhaps the 
outgoing mail server is and the incoming mail server is Does this help? Not sure what kind of step-by-step procedure you're looking for...


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Subject: [Evolution] Connecting to AT&T email
  In setting up Evolution, I incorrectly entered data to connect to my AT&T email.   I haven't been able to 
figure out how to correct this.  I need help to fix this, specifically, the procedure to go and correct 
settings and ideally a step by step procedure to use AT&T.

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