[Evolution] Error Scanning folders. Could not connect to Evolution Exchange backend process.

Hello folks,

I posted last week but it seems to have gotten lost in the shuttle, so I'm trying again.
I have been using Evolution for over a year now. However, just about 2 weeks ago I started Evolution and 
immediately received the following error:
Evolution Error:
Error while Scanning folders in "Exchange server webmail.<mydomain>".
Could not connect to Evolution Exchange backend process: Please restart Evolution

Since then it (or a similar "lost connection to Evolution Exchange backend process" error) has happened 
everytime I try to use Evolution. I have no idea what's going on. I am able to use webmail (OWA MS Exchange 
2003 server) directly through the web interface, but I really want to get back to using all the great 
features of Evolution. 

I'm using evolution 2.8.1 with evolution-exchange as distributed through Ubuntu Edgy (w/kernel 
2.6.17-10-386). I created this bug report (w/2 debugging logs)
but I have no idea of what these log files tell me. Is this a bug? In evolution? In a gnome component? 

Any ideas of what else I can do to track down this problem?


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