Re: [Evolution] Exchange folders retrieving problem

Hi Victor,

On Fri, 2007-01-19 at 09:49 +0100, Victor Fernandes wrote:
Dear all,

I've just subscribe to this list, because I'm having an evolution problem
(what else ;-)) and I would like to ask you some help. Sorry if this
question was already answered but I was unable to find the answer.

I've recently re-installed my laptop with Mandriva 2007 and reconfigured
evolution to use my corporate Exchange account.

Everything seams to work properly, except that evolution takes a long long
time to retrieve the folders information from the exchange server

After some investigation I could conclude that the "problem" is due to the
evolution-exchange-storage "module" retrieving all the existing folders
structure from the exchange server. We have a very deep public folders
structure, retrieving all this structure takes a long type and worst
completely fills the available disk partition space (more then 1GB!).

My question is, is it possible to "tell" the evolution-exchange-storage
"module" to only retrieve a specific set of directory structure or the
other way around do not retrieve a specific set?

No, and this is a serious bug and is fixed in 2.9.4/5 versions.  The fix
is being backported to 2.8.3.  Please update to 2.8.3, if possible
(release is on 29th Jan 2007).

Also, 2.8.1 has other issues with accessing sub-folders of Inbox, which
is fixed in 2.8.2. 


V. Varadhan

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