Re: [Evolution] Filter-folder oddity -- case of non-displaying new mail

On Sun, 2007-01-14 at 17:06 -0500, Noble, Leigh DR. MATH wrote:
I have also been having problems since about one week ago. I am using Evolution 2.8 on Ubuntu Edgy and my 
problem began within the past week or so...

I've been receiving the error "lost connection to backend" since last week. My new mail appears in my 
inbox, but the filter process never completes. The error message pops up before filtering completes. 

Don't know if my problem is related to yours, but given the date coincidence, and the fact that everything 
was fine until about a week ago, I'm guessing that there's some relationship. Did you get a prompt for some 
security updates? My problem seems to have started after I installed those updates. (AFAICanRemember, none 
of the security updates was for Evolution, but maybe there were some gconf updates there?)


Hi Leigh,

I'm not sure it's related. I often get the same error message when using
Evolution to pull email from my office account remotely via
evolution-exchange (or brutus). But I don't try to run filters out of
that "remote" inbox. I work at home and on the road a lot and archive my
emails on my own machine (many of those emails are press releases useful
for background on stories I write). So my filters are set up to run on a
local account "On This Computer." When emails appear in the inbox linked
to my office account, I merely highlight and drag that office email into
my "On This Computer" inbox. Then I put the filters to work "locally,"
and the work just fine. 

With best regards,


P.S. This approach also keeps the office IT people happy, 'cause they
never need to send me a message begging me to clean out my office-email
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