Re: [Evolution] Filter-folder oddity -- case of non-displaying new mail


On Tue, 2007-01-09 at 15:31 -0500, Peter N. Spotts wrote:

I'm using Evolution 2.8 on Ubuntu Edgy, and within the past week or so,
I've been getting a strange response from one filter folder. It shows
new mail (bold face), but when I click on the icon to open the folder,
no new mail shows up. The folder is set to display "All Messages."
Toggling back and forth between that and "Unread Messages" does

I've been using 2.8 since installing Edgy last October, and the problem
didn't appear until last week -- seemingly out of the blue. I've tried
removing the files and folders associated with the filter folder in
question (ironically, in this case, the Ubuntu list), then I set up a
new one. I even remove and re-establish the filter itself. Things work
well for a few hours, then the problem surfaces again. I limit the
folder to about 100 emails before I clear it out and expunge the mail.
And it's the only folder exhibiting the problem. Go figgah. Any
suggestions on how to fix this?

Does this help?

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