Re: [Evolution] Making the switch to Evolution

On Mon, 2007-01-15 at 02:18 +0530, B S Srinidhi wrote:

You aren't the only one:

Are you using IMAP as the server type or IMAP4REV1? Can you try once
with IMAP4REV1? I had the same issue long time back (can't remember the
exact solution, tried too many things ;) but I guess, I also changed the
server type from IMAP to IMAP4REV1.

If this also doesn't help, then I'm really clueless. :(


I couldn't find the IMAP4Rev1 option. actually says that IMAP4rev1 is
tried first, than a fallback to normal IMAP is in place if 4rev1 fails.
So i join your party, the clueless :).

I've already noticed those bugs on bugzilla, there are a couple of other
ones linked to that one. In the end this was deemed as cosmetic
enhancement. I do not feel that way. But since it dated back to 2005, i
thought that there might be a fix that i was missing. Anyway, I'll try
and add a couple of comments to those bugs, see if this goes somewhere.

Thanks for all the help,


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