[Evolution] Making the switch to Evolution


I'm trying to make the switch over to evolution since it provides
calendar, todo, tasks and integrates with gnome. Using Evolution 2.8.1
under Ubuntu.

But, i am having a very hard time in doing so, but maybe i'm doing
something wrong. Anyway here is a list of questions i needed answered:

Is there a shortcut (keyboard) that enables me to jump between unread
messages, in different folders and accounts (IMAP) ?

I use a courier imap server, but Evolution ignores the INBOX. namespace
configuration i inserted, and puts everything as a subfolder of Inbox.
Is there a way around this ?

Why is the rule set of the "search folders" significantly smaller than
filters ? I'm trying to create an unread folder, but it keeps putting my
spam in there, which is marked on the server side with "x-spam-flag:
yes". I can't seem to find a way to stop it from filling the Unread
search folder with spam messages...

How can i define a rule in search folders, that acts for an account, as
it exists in the filter rules ?

Why is there no header checking in the search folder rules ? I've trying
using camel search, but i end up with an error box with no information
(meaning just a error sign, and no text).

Is there a way to display Tasks in the Calendar ?

I would really like to make the switch, but most of these issues are
show stopers for me :(.



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