Re: [Evolution] Filter-folder oddity -- case of non-displaying new mail

On Mon, 2007-01-15 at 02:16 +0530, B S Srinidhi wrote:


Does this help?


Thanks Srinidhi, but no. 

1. My email is filtered. But the Ubuntu list mail goes only to the
Ubuntu folder. Even though the Ubuntu folder shows new mail (bold, and
with a number of unread messages), the Ubuntu folder itself periodically
fails to show the new messages when I open the folder. Older messages
are still there. Or if the folder is empty, it remains blank even though
the Ubuntu folder in the folder pane shows new messages. When I call up
the Ubuntu mail file in the .evolution/... directory with a test editor,
the file shows the new mail.

2. The search bar is clear and the Show pull-down menu is on All

3. Edit => Show Hidden Messages doesn't help either.

4. The messages aren't in Junk (which I have disabled).

5. The defaults are properly set.

So the only way to fix this on the fly is to eliminated the folder, and
its associated files, then set up a new Ubuntu folder with a new filter.
All works well for a couple of days, then the folder flies south again.
Odd it would be happening only with this one!


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