Re: [Evolution] Making the switch to Evolution

On Sat, 2007-01-13 at 12:48 +0000, Alfredo Matos wrote:
Evan Klitzke wrote:

I use a courier imap server, but Evolution ignores the INBOX. namespace
configuration i inserted, and puts everything as a subfolder of Inbox.
Is there a way around this ?

Isn't this how it is supposed to work? In the maildir format, a .
separates a folder from a subfolder. This is also how maildirs are
created if you create them with maildirmake, or if you create them from
within Evolution itself. You can read more about the maildir naming
system at in
the "Folders" section.


No it is not. The INBOX. is the private folder namespace, there is
actually a INBOX.Inbox, INBOX.Sent and so on. The correct behavior is to
show each folder separately, as most mailers do, and not as a subfolder
of Inbox, such as happens in Evolution.

AFAIK the behaviour depends on the IMAP server. For example, the Cyrus
default is for the user's namespace to hang from INBOX, which is how the
CMU people apparently wanted it. The Cyrus admin can change this at
installation time (to an "anonymous root" model) but it's a system-wide
change. I don't know about Courier but I would guess it's similar.

Of course the mail client doesn't have to go along with this, but Evo
does. I guess it's the way to get consistency across multiple MUAs with
the same server.


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