Re: [Evolution] Feature Suggestion - Sticky notes for email messages

Pop-ups won't work on other clients if it is an Evolution plugin whereas
an email will be available via every email client.

On Fri, 2007-02-16 at 20:35 -0600, Jack wrote:
Hi Sebastien!
      Thanks for the feedback!  I must admit I did not think of sending
myself an email with updated note to myself.  I think the added benefit
of having a pop-up sticky note type of thing would be that it jumps out
at you whereas an email to yourself might have a tendency of getting
lost in the clutter, so-to-speak.

Another benefit would be less of a burden on the email server maybe?
With the notes, you're just adding to the email whereas sending an email
to yourself creates adds to more traffic and more email in your folders.
All this might be a non-factor though; I'm really just speculating on
this point.  The real benefit, I think is that the sticky note is
something that would jump out and not sort of get sort of blended into
the background of the email chain.

Also, with sending yourself an email, you'd have to open that email (or
at least click on it to see it in the preview window).  The sticky note,
as I envision it, would just pop up when you put your cursor on an email
in your list without clicking on it.  (maybe that's not a good thing?)

I envision the sticky note being something that, as attached to the
email, would stick to it regardless of where you accessed that
particular email.  But I don't want to try to get too detailed into the
hows and design specifics as I simply lack the knowledge to do so.  I've
got the basic idea in mind but have no idea how it would be created or

I apologize if I'm not describing it well.  It's all very clear in my
head but I am sometimes not the best at describing my own ideas.
Fortunately, there are much smarter people in the world than me.  :)

On Sat, 2007-02-17 at 11:13 +0900, Sebastien Duval wrote:
Hi Jack,
Thanks for the proposal, it is always nice to have ideas flying around.

I think that associating information to e-mails can be useful.
However, from your description, I wonder what would be the interest of
the notes compared to simply sending an e-mail to yourself containing
the information to add... Sending an e-mail to yourself has the
additional advantage to make the information available when using
another computer (on the move, whatever). Have You considered this
simple alternative? If so, what advantage did You see in using sticky
notes instead?

SÃbastien Duval, PhD
National Institute of Informatics (Tokyo, Japan)

On 2/17/07, Jack <brooksfamily sunflower com> wrote:
Hello everyone,
        I apologize if this suggestion has already been made before or if folks
don't think it is a good one.  I think Evolution is a fantastic product
and, as I deal with a large amount of email in my job, I thought of a
feature that might help Evolution get more of an edge over MS Outlook:
sticky notes on emails.

Like I said, I deal with a lot of email at work (sometimes I feel like
emailing IS my job...) and as I go through various chains, I sometimes
lose track of what is going on with the subject matter in one or
another.  So I thought, it would really be nice if I could attach
something like sticky notes to emails to remind myself that something
had occurred outside the email chain (like a face to face discussion)
that had an impact on the subject matter in the email chain.  For
instance, maybe a decision was being asked for, but the response was
made over the phone.  So, there's never a response to the email asking
for a decision.  What I have in mind is that you could right-click (or
left click for you left-handers) on the email and attach a sticky note
(could look just like a desktop note) where you could note to yourself
that the decision was made and what it was.  Then, when looking at the
email at some later date, when you put your cursor over it, the sticky
note would pop up and you would see the note to yourself.

The sticky note would not be sent with any forwards or responses to
emails and would just remain on that user's account (or maybe an option
could exist to send the note along with the forwarded email).

I do not mean this to be confused with turning an email into a Task.
This is basically desktop sticky notes meant to be attached to specific

Again, I apologize if this is something that's already been thought of
and shot down or scheduled to be included.  I also have to apologize
because I don't know how to write programs otherwise I'd create it
myself and submit for approval.  I'm an intermediate computer user that
can install a linux distribution and get it to run some programs that I
like and that's about it.  In short, I know just enough to be a danger
to my computer.  :)

Thank you all for creating a fantastic product!  I hope my idea is a
positive one!

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