Re: [Evolution] Signature position

It would be quite useful IMHO to be able to set up some configuration
options making in some scenarios default top-posting and in some others
bottom-posting (unfortunately, there is probably no way how to enforce
trimming of the previous messages :-)). So for example Reply-to-list
should certainly lead to the bottom-posting, but useer could be able to
configure that Reply-to-author, Forward-inline, or Reply-to-all (or all of
them) lead to the top-posting. I was able to make such configuration with
mutt (obviously, you can do anything in mutt ;-)), but it would be really
lovely to have this option in Evolution as well.

Does it make any sense to you?

Yes, it definitively make sense to me. I like your idea, and
furthermore, I like when the program let the user make is own choice.
I really need to easily choose where the signature will stand.

Nicolas (France)

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