Re: [Evolution] Very serious problem with evo-exchange 2.11.5

On Wed, 2007-08-22 at 21:02 +0530, Veerapuram Varadhan wrote:
I have cooked up a patch for addressing this issue.  After a lot of
code reading/MS KB articles, this patch should be able to address the
issue of mails getting disappeared.

Paul:  Will it be possible for you to run a quick test on this patch
and report back?  The patch can be downloaded from: 

I grabbed this last night on my home system and (a) shut down evo and
all parts, (b) applied the patch and rebuilt, (c) cleaned
~/.evolution/exchange and ~/.evolution/mail/exchange, and (d) restarted

So far so good (all my mail is visible at the moment), but sometimes it
can take a while for the problem to appear.  I'll keep you informed.

I'll do the same thing on my work system as well, once I get there.


 Paul D. Smith <psmith gnu org>          Find some GNU make tips at:            
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