Re: [Evolution] Evolution-Pilot - frustrating as h**l

Le samedi 04 août 2007 à 03:11 +1000, andrewlgreig netscape net a
écrit :

Synchronisation should "just work" from the outset.

It does, I use it daily.

It would be nice if, when Mandriva bring out their 2008 release in late
Sept 2007, that I could find a shiny new Evo-Pilot that works.

Latest Mandriva is shipping with the latest version of gnome-pilot
available at the time we did the release and there were no new release
since. There is currently only one or two fixes in SVN which might be
relevant, but nothing that serious.

So, I suggest you post on gnome-pilot mailing list with a precise
description of your problem, your setup and link to your bug reports.

Frederic Crozat <fcrozat mandriva com>

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