Re: [Evolution] No provider available for protocol 'file'

On Tue, 2006-05-09 at 10:07 -0500, Hrishi Joshi wrote:
I don't see any tags while composing the mail, but when I send it, the
email recipients see it, and I can see it too in my Sent folder. As I
looked into its HTML source of the sent email, I saw the empty tags
for the unordered list as "<>" instead of "<UL>". As more people can
see that and not just me, I can conclude that it's a bug in Evolution
that got introduced sometime recently.

Actually it could also be a bug in various other supporting libraries -
most likely candidate would be gtkhtml, which Fedora have broken in the

You really need to establish whether this is a Fedora only problem - in
which case the proper place to report it is in the RH Bugzilla (good
luck - RH have no one looking after evolution right now), or if its more
general it should be reported in the gnome bugzilla (probably with a
link from the RH one, although thats currently not much use).


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