Re: [Evolution] Emails not showing

Title: RE: [Evolution] Emails not showing

Now that I switched users evolution is acting worse.  It crashes evolution completely and now I can't get emails through the new user.  Here is the error message I am getting now:

camel-exchange-provider-ERROR **: file camel-exchange-store.c: line 1098 (stub_notification): should not be reached
Xlib: unexpected async reply (sequence 0x466e)!

I did some research on this message and found out that Xlib has some code that is not thread friendly.  What is strange is that this message did not appear until I switched users.  Anyway, I hope that either evolution or Xlib takes care of the problem sometime.

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Here are a couple more error messages I didn't see before:
<-2> sample not found
CamelException.setv(0x8d1a254, 2, 'Message has been deleted')

(evolution-2.6:13637): e-data-server-WARNING **: Error in execution:
Failed to retrieve message
Thread ae7e1ba0 >

On Wed, 2006-06-28 at 09:23 -0700, Ow Mun Heng wrote:
> On Wed, 2006-06-28 at 08:28 -0600, Nathan Broderick wrote:
> > I am referring to my IMAP account.  I only have one account that I
> > connect up to and only one computer connects up to it.  I have set the
> > time to check for new messages every 5 minutes.  I'm not exactly sure
> > what is meant by the "pause" length.  All I know is that when I upgraded
> > my computer from FC4 to FC5, these problems started happening.  The
> > difference with the problem I am having is that the messages (or
> > headers) never appear.  I have waited for 2 hours (and longer) waiting
> > for the messages to actually show up in the inbox, but they never do.
> > The only solution so far has been to stop and start evolution and then
> > they all show up.
> YOu can do a
> $ CAMEL_DEBUG=ALL evolution-2.6
> and see what's happening.
> >
> > Unfortunately, here we only use Exchange server for work and I need a
> > good system to see the calendar.
> I use exchange as well. I see the calender. I use the evolution-exchange
> plugin which grabs mail off the web-version of outlook.
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