Re: [Evolution] Emails not showing

On Wed, 2006-06-28 at 08:28 -0600, Nathan Broderick wrote:
I am referring to my IMAP account.  I only have one account that I
connect up to and only one computer connects up to it.  I have set the
time to check for new messages every 5 minutes.  I'm not exactly sure
what is meant by the "pause" length.  All I know is that when I upgraded
my computer from FC4 to FC5, these problems started happening.  The
difference with the problem I am having is that the messages (or
headers) never appear.  I have waited for 2 hours (and longer) waiting
for the messages to actually show up in the inbox, but they never do.
The only solution so far has been to stop and start evolution and then
they all show up.

YOu can do a 
$ CAMEL_DEBUG=ALL evolution-2.6

and see what's happening.

Unfortunately, here we only use Exchange server for work and I need a
good system to see the calendar.

I use exchange as well. I see the calender. I use the evolution-exchange
plugin which grabs mail off the web-version of outlook.

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