[Evolution] Setting a custom font

Hi all,

I sent this on Friday but it hasn't turned up on the mailing list so
must've ended up in /dev/null by accident...

At work, we are trying to shift away from Windows on the desktop for
technical staff.  However, we still have to interoperate closely with
non-technical staff running Outlook, which means using the exchange
plugin, calendars, etc...  I'm the guinea pig that get to make it all
work before it gets set up for others.

Anyway, I've managed to get most things to work but I cannot find out
how to set a custom font for emails (Arial, 10pt, black).  I've found
how I can set my display so that emails without a font set appear in
Arial 10pt, but not how to add FONT= to the body of the email.  To be
clear, every part of the message including the signature is supposed to
be in Arial.  If the message is multipart with a text version, then
obviously that will turn up in the recipient's default font.

Please no commentary on why HTML mail or adding FONT= to outgoing email
is bad.  I think shifting desktops away from windows is enough for one
step without bring in the evils of HTML mail with custom fonts...


PS: Largely the migration has worked really well.  Apart from this font
requirement and the global address book failing, everything 'just
Corrin Lakeland <corrin datamine com>

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