Re: [Evolution] how do I train Evolution in junk detection ?

On Mon, 2005-09-26 at 11:46 +0200, Andre Klapper wrote:
hi rod,

Am Sonntag, den 25.09.2005, 17:29 +1000 schrieb Rod Butcher:
greetings from sunny Sydney. I'm using Evolution 2.4, compiled from
source on a Mandrake 10 box. I've been using the "mark messages as junk"
junk button to train Evolution in junk detection.. so far +- 200 junk
emails.. I have the options selected (edit -> preferences -> mail
preferences -> junk) for automatic local and remote junk filtering on
input, but Evolution never seems to learn - similar junk mails keep
appearing in my inbox, I keep junk-buttoning them.  I read in the user
guide that Evolution uses Spam Assassin.. I had assumed that this was
now built-in to Evolution. Wrong assumption ? Do I have to install S-A
separately ? Or do I train it through some other path ?

so you have enabled "check incoming mail for junk" under "edit |
preferences | mail preferences | junk | general". this setting only
refers to POP and Local delivery (i know that you could not find out, it
is not part of the documentation, i'M going to file a bug report on
I'm using pop, so so I did what is described above
if you use IMAP, make sure you have enabled "check new messages for junk
contents" under "edit | preferences | mail accounts | edit | receiving
options | options".
also, spamassassin needs at least 200 messages marked as spam or ham to
kick in, so you have to train your filter.

afaik you have to have spamassassin installed on your computer to use it
in evolution, it is NOT built-in. make sure the plugin is enabled (under
"edit | plugins").
OK, I've nomw installed the Spamassassin packages from Mandrake,
together with all the Perl modules they require.. SA plugin is
selected.. is that all I need to do ? Will Evolution now start learning
from my clicks of the junk button ?
Two things worry me about this :-
1. The compile/install process never mentioned anything about
spamassassin's absense - no configure option for junk filter.
2. Why would Evolution happily present me these junk filter options, and
allow me to click the Junk button, if it knew Spamassassin is not
installed and hence  I'm wasting my time ?
3. I have used Thunderbird, and it has all this stuff builtin - it was
learning from +- 50 junk clicks to filter stuff automatically.

all in all after reading this, the UI isn't really cool currently.


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