Re: [Evolution] Cannot edit contacts - "Contact not found"

hi lubos,

Am Donnerstag, den 15.09.2005, 07:57 +0200 schrieb Lubos Kolouch:
It is strange indeed, for some contacts it is possible to edit,
for some not.

Here are all messages that came out (some of this is related to the
gnome theme i am using i guess) :

$ evolution
adding hook target 'source'

(evolution:12390): e-canvas-background.c-CRITICAL **: ecb_style_set:
assertion `ecb->priv->gc != NULL' failed

eab-widgets-Message: in search_activated
new dimensions = (48,48)
initial setting of an image.  no scaling
scale = 1

(evolution:12390): e-utils-WARNING **: calling
e_icon_factory_get_icon_filename with unknown icon_size value (48)
new dimensions = (48,48)
we need to scale up
scale = 1

hmm... seems like the contact has got a picture, hasn't it? no
idea... :-/


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