Re: [Evolution] Evo 2.0 + MailDir format

Hi Ow, 

Nothing has changed in the Evolution GUI to indicate that this account
is saving emails in a Maildir format directory or even where this
directory is at.  In other words this directory does not show up in the
left hand folder pane at all.  

Yes it is. U just have to enable the account. But Its a bit kludgly in
setting it up. For some unknown reason, Evo _does_ not create the folder
for you. You have to manually (as least for me) create the ~/.maildir/
folder and then populate the dir with "cur","new","tmp". (This is
usually done by the maildir mail-server)

Okay...I created a directory called /home/carlos/.maildir and populated
it with three other directories, cur, new, and tmp, just like you said.
Net result.  Nothing.  No .maildir folder showing up in the folder pain.
No nothing.  

Setting up an account as a Maildir seems absolutely pointless.  Any
other suggestions?  

...but if you look at it
long enough, it'll pop out at you and work :-)

I'm still looking....nothing happening so far :). 


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