Re: [Evolution] Evo 2.0 + MailDir format

On Mon, 2005-02-28 at 19:09 -0700, Evolution List wrote:
So can someone please clarify for me....

> > In the old 1.4x, it used to be so simple to change from a Maildir to a
> > Mbox format, just with a right click.

> Not this way, in any forseeable timeframe.  The only practical way
> will be to have an option when you first start up to select the global
> storage format for all local folders, it wont be supported for
> individual folders.  And there are no concrete plans for it even in
> the global form. 

If I create an account and instead of setting the account to POP for
receiving I set it to Maildir how can emails be retrieved under that
account (given that there are no POP settings in it)? 

I mean how does one work with emails in Maildir format through Evolution
in a practical sense? 

Umm, you just click on them?  It is almost entirely exactly like imap.

If you want to get pop mail, then you setup a pop mail account.  If you want all your mail to go into the maildir folders, then you setup a filter to move them there.  There are no giant leaps of logic involved here.

I have been trying and trying and dying to find out but have found
nothing on this anywhere even though Evolution is purported to support
Maildir.  I am asking because all my old email under KMail is in maildir
format and I would like to get it into Evolution.  Plus the fact that I
As above.
would prefer for my emails to be stored in Maildir format. 




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