Re: [Evolution] Evolution hangs on certain E-mails

File a bug, and include an example email, on  Note
that 2.0.4 is no longer being maintained for normal bugs.

You'll have to consult your vendor for finding newer rpm's, we only
write the source.

On Wed, 2005-06-22 at 00:00 +0200, Joel Louis Blom wrote:
I have since about 4 weeks a big problem with Evolution.
A supplier of mine sends E-mails with, I assume, xml attachments which
hang Evolution completely. I have a separate folder where these E-mails
are filtered and when I try to open the folder Evolution hangs.
I'm running FC3 with Evo 2.04. I also suddenly can't see images any more
when they are embedded in .html-formatted messages. If all this is
solved in more recent versions, where can I find RPM versions of it? The
Fedora site doesn't update over 2.04 (yum).
Hope somebody can can give me a vlue.

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