[Evolution] New Features

I know Evolution is just out, but as I just switched to Linux, and was used to work with Mozilla Thunderbird under windows and now under Linux, I miss the three pane window. That feature of MS Outlook and later Thunderbird rocked! It gives a much clearer and leaner look in my opinion. So being back at the classic view of Evolution (classic as in resembling the old Outlooks) is a bit pity.

Furthermore, as I said I have Thunderbird under Linux as well, but Evolution gives just that bit of extra (integration with Gaim and with Planner, the agenda and the extension and ease of use of the address-book !). Anyway, I would like to see a three pane window in the next release and hope some other agree with it and are willing to take it into consideration.

Fruthermore, good work chaps :-D

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