[Evolution] Patch to handle "file://" uri in Mail-component.


The attached patch implements handling of file:// uris in

When evolution is executed with a file it just ignores it, even though
it is a "MailDir" file, which it understands very well.  The attached
patch handles such file uris.  With this path, "evolution" can be the
default application to open such "MailDir" files.

Example uri:


        "mode" is applicable only to "action=compose" and it is ignored
given with "action=view". 

action=compose: will open the message in the composer window, depending
on the mode parameter. If "mode=edit", the message will be opened like a
message in the drafts folder, will be attached otherwise.

Kindly let me know your comments/suggestions.


V. Varadhan

Attachment: handle-file-uri.patch
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