Re: [Evolution] Re: cleaning up old data

On 7/20/05, Ron Johnson <ron l johnson cox net> wrote:
On Wed, 2005-07-20 at 13:35 +0200, Anders Naslund connecta se wrote:
Now thats strange!
Excuse my sarcastic answer but on my PC it actually deletes...
I think You need to stop Evo and Gconf (--shutdown) to make it happen or else it is restored again. Gconf 
keeps alot of it's data in memory once it's running.

Either that, or use the gconftool-2 CLI tool, maybe.
The gconftool-2 does not have a delete option, just a unset option.
I used the gconftool-2  --recursive-unset on /apps/evolution and
/evolution (no errors using either methode). However stil some keys
remained set (calender stuff).

So I did a find and found the .gconf directory in my home dir (should
have guessed it would be there). I removed the directory evolution.

After all this it still showed in gconf-editor. So I tried to shutdown gconfd-2.
Using the command gconfd-2 --shutdown only resulted in another process
called gconfd-2 --shutdown.
So I killed gconfd-2.

Then finally the evolution key/dir was removed from gconf-editor.

This really is not very userfriendly, it reminds me too much of windows :-(


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