Re: [Evolution] per-account junk filtering

On Fri, 2005-07-15 at 11:59 +0800, Not Zed wrote: 
On Fri, 2005-07-15 at 09:52 +0930, Iain Buchanan wrote:

indeed you're right: "Edit-menu > Preferences > Mail-Accounts >
Edit(imap) > Receiving Options > Check new messages for junk contents"

so what if I want to turn it on for my imap account, but not for my pop
account?  Is this possible?

Well, you could've just tried it ...

Well, maybe I did just try it ;) 

I do in fact have the imap junk option selected, and not the global one,
but none of my mail gets marked junk, and I click "junk" for every junk
message that comes through my inbox...

But looking at the source, it looks like the 'global' option really only
applies to pop and local delivery, and the imap option is the one used
for imap.  There are currently 2 filtering paths, 'non-folder spools'
like pop & local delivery, and 'real folders' like imap/maildir, etc.

thanks for providing that info.  I tried the global option, and my pop
mail slows down considerably as usual, so thats at least doing something.

Is there any way to tell if the IMAP junk filter is doing anything?

Iain Buchanan <iaindb netspace net au>

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