Re: [Evolution] (bug!) Emacs keys again...

Hi Roland,

Roland Orre wrote:
So they works for you, what versions are you running?
I am running Head. i.e. evolution 2.3.4, gtkhtml 3.7.3.
Possibly you might want to try it by getting the sources from the ftp site.

(also with several invocations of "New", for me ony in about
 50% of the cases for the first invocation after the upgrade...)

You mean it doesn't work in about 50% of invocations of the composer.

I'm running the gtkhtml 3.6 and evolution

Is there any other way to invoke the gtkhtml editor standalone
or in any other application, to see if the problems are caused
by gtkhtml or evolution?
As I said earlier, if you want to run the test editor, you would need to get the sources and compile them. Then, you can run it as gtkhtml/components/html-editor/test-editor. The binary isn't shipped seperately.
- Kaushal

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