Re: [Evolution] (bug!) Emacs keys again...

Hi Kaushal,

On Fri, 8 Jul 2005, Kaushal Kumar wrote:
Roland Orre wrote:
So they works for you, what versions are you running?
I am running Head. i.e. evolution 2.3.4, gtkhtml 3.7.3.
Possibly you might want to try it by getting the sources from the ftp

OK; I'll download these, and see if it works for me too.

(also with several invocations of "New", for me ony in about
 50% of the cases for the first invocation after the upgrade...)

You mean it doesn't work in about 50% of invocations of the composer.

No, in about 50% of the cases it works for the first invocation of
the composer, but for following invocations not at all.

As I said earlier, if you want to run the test editor, you would need to
get the sources and compile them. Then, you can run it as
gtkhtml/components/html-editor/test-editor. The binary isn't shipped

Ahh, that is great!

        Best regards
        Roland Orre

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