Re: [Evolution] (bug!) Emacs keys again...

On Thu, 7 Jul 2005, Kaushal Kumar wrote:
Okay, I looked into the gtkhtml sources which deals with the keybindings
and didn't find any missing links. The file which provides the emacs
keybindings (keybindingsrc.emacs) is still being used. So the
test-editor of gtkhtml, works fine for the various emacs keybindings
like ^A,^B,^K,^Y, etc. You could try this out by building gtkhtml and
running the gtkhtml/components/html-editor/test-editor just to make sure
it really does work and I am not missing something there. I do not know
yet what could have broken the feature in the upgrade.

So they works for you, what versions are you running?
(also with several invocations of "New", for me ony in about
 50% of the cases for the first invocation after the upgrade...)

I'm running the gtkhtml 3.6 and evolution

Is there any other way to invoke the gtkhtml editor standalone
or in any other application, to see if the problems are caused
by gtkhtml or evolution?

        Best regards
        Roland Orre

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