RE: [Evolution] Meeting invitations invalid

Are You using the exchange connector or is this just an invitaion that origins in Exchange?
If it's the last case, it might be an older exchange server that is not able to send a proper request (5.5 
had that behaivior).


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When I get invited to meetings via Exchange, I get an email containing a vCalendar file attachment.  When I 
click on the attachment icon, the display says "The item in the calendar is not valid.  The message does 
contain a calendar, but the calendar contains no events, tasks or free/busy information."  There's no 
description of what the meeting is about, unless I view the raw email source.

Are others having the same symptoms?

I'm using evolution and ximian-connector 2.2.3 on a Gentoo system with kernel 2.6.11.

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