Re: [Evolution] IMAP questions

On Thu, 2005-06-30 at 10:00 -0400, Jeffrey Stedfast wrote:
On Thu, 2005-06-30 at 15:42 +0200, Thomas Emmel wrote:
Hi Jeffrey,

I switched to IMAP as you suggested but I had initially switched to
since there is a folder that I like to see but therefore I have to
change the namespace.
If I do that I can see that folder but evolution says that it cannot see
the folders under INBOX anymore....
If I use the default namespace I can see again my folders in INBOX but
the others not.
That was working with IMAP4rev1.

BTW, why do I allways have to stop evolution, kill all evolution- and
delete the /tmp/orbit-* /tmp/gconfd-* ~/.evolution/mail/imap*-folders to
get these changes
And , in addition, this works only in 1 of 4 attempts? Where is the
cache that I have forgotten
to delete? Where are the passwords of evolution stored?

you shouldn't have to do all this... I've never had to. Also I fail to
see why doing all this could possibly help. Restarting evolution should
be plenty.



yes, I hadn't to do that since evo 0.9 ...

But now I get strange errors after a crash and a restart like

Error while Opening folder imap://emmel iris abaqus de/INBOX/2005.
No such folder INBOX/2005

and evolution doesn't show me that folder but it is truly there. On the
terminal I see

(evolution:968): evolution-mail-WARNING **: Folder
'imap://emmel iris abaqus de/INBOX/2005' disappeared while I was
adding/remove it to/from my vfolder

Maybe I have to remove those folders from the vfolders but that was one
of the
big points of evolution I used every day.
That happens now with IMAP (not 4rev1), but I have seen that with

Other errors are, e.g.:
Error while performing operation.

Failed to append to INBOX/Sent: IMAP4 server unexpectedly
disconnected: Invalid argument
Appending to local `Sent' folder instead..

Does anyone can tell me how I can debug that in more detail?

Is it worthy to move all my mails to IMAP, all my contacts to ldap and
restart with a
new, clean configuration of evolution?

Not Zed said that
Passwords are in ~/.gconf2_private/

I don't have such a folder!
Is there a way to "forget only some passwords"?

Kind regards


Thomas Emmel <emmel abaqus de>

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