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Hi Steve,
had the very same problem myself. I deleted my Exchnage account in Evo,
did a force shutdown of Evo and gconfd and then started the
"ximian-conector-2 setup" and created the new account in Evo that way.
For a period my system forgot to remember that I have to "auth=Basic"
with my server. I just had to shut everything down again (incl. Gconfd)
and edit the xml fine in /.gconf/apps/evolution/mail to include
auth=Basic after my name in the url and before the @ sign
(username;auth=Basic exchange server)

Good luck!


fre 2005-01-28 klockan 16:22 +0000 skrev Steve Salazar:
When launching evolution I get a message that says:

  Error while Scanning folders in "Exchange server".

  Could not connect to Evolution Exchange backend process: Permission 

I am using evolution versions:


On Fedora Core 3.  Does anyone know what I need to do to get this working 
with my exchange server?  These settings actually did work at one point but 
quit working after upgrading evolution.

Thanks in advance for any help.

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