Re: [Evolution] Reading file attachments

evolution uses gnome-vfs to look this information up.

so, ... nfi how it works, since i don't run gnome.  i think nautilus uses the same mechanism.  maybe its not configured properly (certain apps we don't show, like those that run in a terminal).

On Mon, 2005-01-31 at 17:08 +1100, david grant wrote:
I am running Evo 2.0.2 and FC3 and wonder if there is a way to specify a choice of file associations in the dropdown list for file attachments.
I know that Gnome 2.8 provides file associations thru Nautilus and have specified that .doc and .xls files are to be associated with wine. The funny thing is that on receiving a .xls attachment, the Evo drop down list has wine as an alternative to gnumeric but .doc files only show OpenOffice.
I have looked thru the mailing list but see no mention of my problem and wonder if I am the only person having this problem.

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