Re: [Evolution] PreviewPane accelerator

AFAIK the only reason for abandoning single-letter accelerators was to
enable keyboard selection of folders. I too have suffered from this (and
complained about it several times), but I'm against localizing
keybindings as a solution. I can remember when MS apps used Ctrl-G on
Spanish versions (meaning "Guardar" == "Save") and absolutely hating it.
Luckily they decided years ago to standardize across all languages and
now everyone just knows that Ctrl-S is Save, no matter what language
they use. YMMV of course.

I absolutely *never* use kb selection of folders. To me changing folders
counts as a relatively important operation and I see no problem in doing
it with the mouse (it would be a lot easier if one could configure the
folder order in the left pane), so my personal preference would be to
restore the old behaviour, but in the meantime I mapped Preview Pane to
Ctrl-Alt-P (note that Ctrl-P is Print).


On Mon, 2005-01-10 at 22:24 +0100, Francisco Javier F. Serrador wrote:
It is a feature that Spanish (German, French and the like) cannot use
easily with current keystrokes. Some people just argue "In Outlook I can
disable Preview panel with a key, why Evolution cannot?

The ancient evolution 1.2 used "Q" key by default, and that worked
perfectly. I think that using a non alphanumerical key for quick access
is a receipt for having troubles in other keyboard layouts. 

I think there are some workarounds we can use: 
1.-  Changing the keybinding and use a more suitable key for
localization. (Q, Ctrl-P, etc)
2.-  Keybinding internationalization, and let the localization groups
assign the more suitable keys. (Here, I'm thinking about languages as
Japanese, Chinese, and others which do not use our alphabet and in this
way they could provide more suitable and easy to remember keybinding.

Finally, If the las option is used, I think the HIG should give some
guidelines about keybinding election.

What do you think?

El lun, 10-01-2005 a las 00:18 -0400, Patrick O'Callaghan escribió:
Not Zed wrote:

Why not just use the menu?  I never ever activate the option unless i'm 
testing it, it isn't needed for normal usage.

It's essential to be able to turn off the preview pane if you want to 
select a message without fetching it from a remote server (because it's 
big, or you don't want to mark it as read, or whatever). Maybe that's 
not "normal usage" for some, but it is for others, and having to pull 
down a menu and hunt for the option is a pain in the posterior.


On Mon, 2005-01-10 at 00:25 +0100, Francisco Javier F. Serrador wrote:

There is a problem with the current accelerator on non-English
keyboards. Actually we are making a county-wide deployment of evolution
in a Spanish location environment, and the Preview panel is unuseable.

Is it possible to map that accelerator to an other less conflictive key
I know how to fix that issue, but we are asking you to resolve it

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