Re: [Spam] [Evolution] Evo filters

I think that he wants to filter his email the moment it arrives in his 
INBOX. Which can be done aswell.

No, no, NO !!!

* sigh *...:-)

I create a filter to move all email from evolution ximian com to the
Evolution folder - BUT I don't want that rule to apply until I MANUALLY
apply it. That means all of my mail goes into the inbox, I scan it for
anything interesting, and then select all and apply filters.

Go to your mailconfiguration settings, choose "Recieve options" (third tab I 
believe (I cant check now,I am in console mode). The last option should say 
something like "Apply filters when messages arrive".

That option doesn't seem to exist if you are using a POP server as the
incomming server (version 2.0.3). Having that option unticked would
achieve what I want !!!


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