Re: [Spam] [Evolution] Evo filters

Anders Näslund writes:

sön 2005-01-16 klockan 12:17 +0000 skrev Jon Biddell:
On Sat, 2005-01-15 at 21:21 -0300, Leonardo Fontenelle wrote:
> > When creating a filter, it appears that you can only apply it to incoming or outgoing mail - is there any way we 
could have a third "manual" option here ?
> You can always select a few - or a lot! - of e-mail anywhere, right-click and "apply filters". I don't know 
how to apply a single filter.

Yep, this I know, but it only works for mail that is already in your
folders, not for email as it arrives.

...but wasn't that what You asked for? A manual way of applying

I think that he wants to filter his email the moment it arrives in his
INBOX. Which can be done aswell.

Go to your mailconfiguration settings, choose "Recieve options" (third tab I
believe (I cant check now,I am in console mode). The last option should say
something like "Apply filters when messages arrive".

Take care,


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